Dr. Estacy Porter

Dr. Estacy Porter, is a Doctor of Nursing Practice who is licensed as a Community Health Primary Care NP and Board certified as a nurse in public health. She is an award-winning, Army Veteran with over 22 years of leadership experience who served abroad and locally. Retiring as Chief, Preventive Medicine and Public Health Emergency Officer. Prior to becoming a nurse, she was a Senior instructor with the Department of Defense Chemical Defense toxic agent facility. Dr. Porter has devoted her career to helping others reach their highest potential in their personal and professional lives. She is the President and Chief Executive Officer of non for profit Jewel in His Eyes Inc. where she works to empower girls, women, nurses and strengthen communities through public health leadership and mentorship development, coaching and consulting with a purpose to equip others to lead and be the healthiest versions of themselves. In 2015, Jewel in His Eyes was recognized by the White House as a change-maker during the inaugural United State of Women Summit. Dr. Porter (CPT) is also the creator of Garifuna Nurses United, Wholistic Wellness Concierge & Consulting Solutions and Editor-in-Chief of Voices of Virtuous Veterans. She’s been featured as the 2012 Ebony Military Mom, Essence, Todays purpose Women,For Nurses by Nurses and many more. She’s a sought out speaker, recipient of numerous awards, author of Jewels of Wisdom and co-author of Wholistic Women Win. Dr. Porter is married, has 4 children and enjoys reading, traveling, writing, humanitarian missions and spending time with family and friends.